Method to the Madness

Welcome to Seattle Sports & Otherwise. This is a co-blog of sorts, with two head writers; myself and the lovely and talented Michael Stanton. You can read more on us in our “About Us” section. Stanton and I have been friends ever since my early high school days and have always had just wonderful conversations and shared opinions about sports…and otherwise. This summer we decided to channel our opinions into a blog. Hence the name. And speaking of names, we went through our share of those before we came up with this one. Some of them were, “He Hate Us”, “206 Beat”, “Two men and a blog”, “3rd Row Quarterbacks”, and several other ridiculous suggestions. Not a good glimpse into our creativity, but trust us, this blog is going to be stupendous. We hope to offer less of a day-to-day reporting style and more of a series of opinions on the happenings of sports and whatever else we feel like posting. Don’t worry ladies, we will be writing about much more than sports on this blog. Stanton has a “Favorite Nailpolishes” article all ready to go. But I digress. Seattle Sports & Otherwise aims to capture our viewpoints on all things Seattle Sports and things in the lives of two mildly athletic white gentlemen. Emphasis on gentlemen. Welcome aboard.

You’re in good hands folks


One thought on “Method to the Madness

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