We’re Still Here!

Another lengthy layoff from posting for Boyd and I as we decided to take the Winter break off from SS&O, which was unplanned but unfortunately the case. Unlike the sporting world, our posts seem to stall from time to time. Please bear with us. We’re still here! Anyways, I hope everyone had a great and relaxing Holiday!

I can’t speak for Brandon (I’m sure he sat inside and played Tecmo Bowl all day), but I was lucky enough to visit the wonderful country of England over Christmas. I was even luckier to attend an English Premier League soccer match (I’m sure our non-existant european audience cringed after that wording). I took in Fulham FC vs. Bolton on December 17th at the storied Craven Cottage. Seating just a shade under 26,000 fans, it was one of the most amazing sporting venues I’ve been to. Built in 1896, the tradition and history transcends the likes of old Yankee Stadium and even Fenway Park. Our seats were situated up against the Cottage itself, which was built initially as the player’s clubhouse and changing rooms, but now accommodates those who wish to pay a little more for their football experience.

To the home crowd’s delight, the Whites netted two and held firm along the defensive line to earn a well deserved 2-0 victory. An even better treat was American star Clint Dempsey found his way onto the score sheet with a well aimed header, alongside a crafty chip by Bryan Ruiz. It was a sporting environment that is very unique to those that we are used to in the U.S. I took a fair amount of photos before and during the game and have posted a few in a slideshow below. Hope you enjoy them!

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