Where Have We Been?

Hey guys. You’ve probably wondered what the hell happened to us. We haven’t posted in three months. Husky football was just starting up, which is our Nirvana, and we just stopped. SS&O has become stagnant. And we’ve left you hanging.

There are several reasons why it happened, but mainly it was due to our availability and how much time we could contribute towards SS&O. If you aren’t aware, each of our normal articles usually take several hours to write, at best, and with school starting back up in September, we thought it may be more important to focus on that so we can do things with our lives once we graduate. Selfish, I know, but just the way it is.

But here’s the problem. I find myself tweeting, talking, and thinking about sports almost every hour of the day. Some may call it a sickness, and I won’t argue that with them. But I’ve realized I need an outlet to get my thoughts out there. I don’t care if not even a single person reads what I write, I just need a way to organize these thoughts I continuously have on a day-to-day basis. And I think Brandon would say something similar.

So, here’s the deal. We’re going to give this another go around. I can’t promise you that we won’t stop again, but at least for now we will be posting on here for all of you to read.

Thanks for your patience, commitment, and interest in reading our work, and we can’t wait to begin writing for you guys again!

P.S. I can’t stress to you guys enough that we welcome comments and discussion on our posts. Our goal is not only to provide entertaining and insightful articles, but to create dialogue amongst our readers (and ourselves!) on the topics we write about. Even post on our Facebook page if you have suggestions or just thoughts on what’s happening in sports. We live and breathe sports, so we are always open to conversation.


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