Where Have We Been?

Hey guys. You’ve probably wondered what the hell happened to us. We haven’t posted in three months. Husky football was just starting up, which is our Nirvana, and we just stopped. SS&O has become stagnant. And we’ve left you hanging.

There are several reasons why it happened, but mainly it was due to our availability and how much time we could contribute towards SS&O. If you aren’t aware, each of our normal articles usually take several hours to write, at best, and with school starting back up in September, we thought it may be more important to focus on that so we can do things with our lives once we graduate. Selfish, I know, but just the way it is.

But here’s the problem. I find myself tweeting, talking, and thinking about sports almost every hour of the day. Some may call it a sickness, and I won’t argue that with them. But I’ve realized I need an outlet to get my thoughts out there. I don’t care if not even a single person reads what I write, I just need a way to organize these thoughts I continuously have on a day-to-day basis. And I think Brandon would say something similar.

So, here’s the deal. We’re going to give this another go around. I can’t promise you that we won’t stop again, but at least for now we will be posting on here for all of you to read.

Thanks for your patience, commitment, and interest in reading our work, and we can’t wait to begin writing for you guys again!

P.S. I can’t stress to you guys enough that we welcome comments and discussion on our posts. Our goal is not only to provide entertaining and insightful articles, but to create dialogue amongst our readers (and ourselves!) on the topics we write about. Even post on our Facebook page if you have suggestions or just thoughts on what’s happening in sports. We live and breathe sports, so we are always open to conversation.


Why We Are Fans

I haven’t written anything since LeBron James saved my soul by beating the Oklahoma City Thunder back in mid June. Nothing. I got halfway through an NBA Draft Review before reading Bill Simmons’ take on the same thing, realized mine sucked in comparison, and then scrapped it. Since that moment I have watched the entire first season of Workaholics 2.8 times, a miserable amount of Curb Your Enthusiasm, and put a fruit snack into a rotating fan and laughed like a four year old at it when it got smacked around the cage of the fan. The summer of snapchat has been fun to me, but I stopped writing when I shouldn’t have. For that reason, this article is about the roots of why if you’re reading this, you love sports, and if you love sports, why you love sports, because I love sports. We like sportz.

This is the kind of tomfoolery that kept me out of the game

If you missed me, I apologize. I let the 14 regular followers of this blog down. You probably didn’t though as I tend to inflate my own importance. But my obligation to write is not to the faithful 14, it is to myself.

My first sports memory is going to the Kingdome with my parents and my godparents for a Mariners game. I was afraid of the Mariner Moose (I just don’t trust the guy), and so my godfather took me up to the very last row of the stadium so the Moose wouldn’t come up there, and from that moment on I could watch the game in peace. You wouldn’t believe how easy it is to like baseball when you aren’t living in constant fear of a seven foot tall woodland monster with crazy eyes. Baseball became from that point on not my favorite sport by any stretch, but a crutch. There’s nothing on TV at 8:30PM in mid-July, you know what, I’ll watch the M’s lose 4-1. I’ve never expected anything from my baseball team, I don’t really enjoy watching other teams play. I don’t get stoked for Sunday Night Baseball. But I always have the Mariners in my back pocket. They are terrible now, but I can make fun of them whenever I want while they are terrible, I can make Justin Smoak jokes (Smoaks), but when they get good in the 22nd century I will be one happy guy.

You are looking into the eyes of a menace

That’s what being a fan is. I’ve paid my dues. I have seen so much bad baseball, through my mullet phase, my lesbian Tim Lincecum phase, through my semi normal cut I have now that I am endowed with the ability to ride the Mariners train whenever I please. I feel bad for a fan base that has never experienced a dreadful era of baseball, or of any sport. Having a laughable sports team is something that I have based my entire life on. My dad taught me Take Me Out to the Ballgame with the addendum, “So root, root, root for the Mariners / If they don’t win it’s the same!” That is the only thing I know. The extension of this argument goes over to a section of sports that I care about more than anything.

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The Boys of Summer

So, here we are again with another of those heartfelt apologies regarding our absence from SS&O. I think it’s safe to say the tidal wave of year end work and finals consumed the both of us for the better part of the last month. But don’t fear, it is Summer! Time to relax, maybe work a little, and watch…baseball. Yep, not much happens during the Summer in the sports world, but that will not deter us. We are what they call “back in the saddle.” Rejuvenated and ready to bring you our best work, and more frequently. We also have some great ideas up our sleeve to enhance SS&O and all that it entails. So stick around for awhile, give us your feedback, and most importantly…enjoy this second half charge up the standings that the Mariners are about to have. Mark it down. It was said here first on the 21st of June. Bold statements aside, we can’t wait to bring you great material for your reading pleasure. Stay tuned!

We Own It!

This is just a quick update to inform our readers that we have purchased our own domain name! This basically means that there now is no “wordpress” in our URL. Not too big of a deal but just wanted to let you all know of the change. So now you can find us at just www.seattlesando.com. Anyways, I’ll leave you all with this picture to daydream about for the rest of the day.

“What If?”…Words we know all too well

Imagine if you lived in Dallas, Texas. I know it might not be the most appealing place to call home, but think about it for a second…from a sports fan’s perspective. The Rangers are in their second straight World Series, the Mavericks brought home the franchise’s first NBA title in June, and TCU showed the country they could play with the best that college football has to offer by beating Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl.

Boston has celebrated a championship in all 4 major pro sports since 2005...Seattle has one WNBA title and lost the Sonics in that time period.

Now stop imagining and realize where you are. Seattle, WA, a championship starved city (sorry Storm) that has been saying two words for about a decade now…”What if?” The cold hard truth is that our city, nestled in the Pacific Northwest, has never been known for our achievements on the playing field. I guarantee if you ask any random “East-coaster” what comes to mind when they think of Seattle, they will say at least one of two things: rain or coffee. Now think of Boston. What comes to mind? Was it the Red Sox, or maybe the Celtics? Oh, how about the Patriots, one of the most impressive dynasties that the NFL has ever seen. Here’s the difference between them and us. They are known for their sports and we are known for our rain. And to many, that is perfectly fine…but I am not part of that “many.”

The earliest memory that I can find after racking my brain for several minutes, and one that also defines my life perfectly, is “The Double” courtesy of Edgar Martinez and the rest of the “Refuse to Lose” Seattle Mariners. I was two years old at the time and my parents took me to a handful of games in that magical ’95 season, including every home playoff game. Yes, I was barely able to grasp what was going on (although I did cry all the way home after we were eliminated by the Indians in the ALCS), but I will never forget the moment when Edgar hit that liner down the left-field line; how that massive structure of concrete shook as a city went into complete chaos. I believe this is where my passion for sports was born. The experience was unmatched, and even as a two year old I was hooked.

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Pulled a Chone Figgins

This is a quick post letting our readers know (if we still have any) that Brandon and I have dropped the ball as of late with our lack of posts. Just like our favorite Shrek character, Chone Figgins, we too have forgotten to show up in the past couples weeks due to the beginning of classes and other college-like commitments.

We've been just as bad, the difference is we admit it.

So be pissed off and make a scene, because we deserve it. From now on we are going to find the time for “Seattle S&O” and we hope you come along for the ride. So, keep your eyes peeled. There should be a few posts coming in the near future. As for now, enjoy the Hawks win against the Giants, prepare for another Husky victory, and give it up to the Sounders for their third straight U.S. Open Cup title. Go Seattle!

Method to the Madness

Welcome to Seattle Sports & Otherwise. This is a co-blog of sorts, with two head writers; myself and the lovely and talented Michael Stanton. You can read more on us in our “About Us” section. Stanton and I have been friends ever since my early high school days and have always had just wonderful conversations and shared opinions about sports…and otherwise. This summer we decided to channel our opinions into a blog. Hence the name. And speaking of names, we went through our share of those before we came up with this one. Some of them were, “He Hate Us”, “206 Beat”, “Two men and a blog”, “3rd Row Quarterbacks”, and several other ridiculous suggestions. Not a good glimpse into our creativity, but trust us, this blog is going to be stupendous. We hope to offer less of a day-to-day reporting style and more of a series of opinions on the happenings of sports and whatever else we feel like posting. Don’t worry ladies, we will be writing about much more than sports on this blog. Stanton has a “Favorite Nailpolishes” article all ready to go. But I digress. Seattle Sports & Otherwise aims to capture our viewpoints on all things Seattle Sports and things in the lives of two mildly athletic white gentlemen. Emphasis on gentlemen. Welcome aboard.

You’re in good hands folks