2012 NFL Draft Diary

Welcome to the First (notice I didn’t say first annual, because that doesn’t make any sense) Seattle Sports & Otherwise NFL Draft Diary. I am writing this portion of the post after the fact, but everything else was my stream of consciousness throughout the 2012 NFL Draft’s first round on Thursday April 26, 2012. Enjoy my mind.

4:23 Pacific Time, Thursday April 26, 2012 (Year of the Dragon)- I’m posted up in the small coal-mining town of Bellevue, Washington to critically assess the 2012 NFL Draft. The draft is the most stretched out, no doubt overhyped but yet infinitely entertaining event in sports. I will talk about the draft pick by pick, mechanically engineered Mel Kiper hair strand by mechanically engineered Mel Kiper hair strand, and each and every god-like glorification of Andrew Luck by ESPN’s fantastic team of nob slobbers. It will be in the style of the greatest sports writer of my time, Bill Simmons’ long standing columns of NBA Draft Diaries; albeit with less analysis of players and more references to a player’s swag and ability to speak English. Without further ado…

4:30 We are a half hour out of the first pick of the 2012 NFL Draft and we already have some news. The Cleveland Browns have traded their 4th overall pick as well as their 4th, 5th, and 7th round pick to the Vikings for their 3rd overall pick. That is, for the numerically challenged, a lot of stuff to move up one spot. This is presumably to pickup Alabama RB (/monster) Trent Richardson. First of all, great move by the Vikings. They still will presumably get USC OT Matt Kalil at 4 and picked up some extra goodies in the process. Second of all, poor Trent Richardson. He just talked about how where he is from most people don’t make it to be 18 years old and now he is going to Cleveland, where most people don’t want to live there for more than 18 minutes.

4:35 LSU CB Morris Claiborne was just introduced, and he has a kid, and also scored a 4 out of 30 on his wonderlic test. The punchline comes free here.

4:37 Roger Goodell gets booed. I guess Sean Payton is in the audience.

4:40 I will take this time to link to some free pub here for the Seattle Sports & Otherwise Mock Draft. Obviously our staff did not take into account any trades so it is certain to be torn to shreds but regardless here it is http://wp.me/p1MIIo-cU.

4:42 Did I just hear Nas and is he really rapping about Andrew Luck? Wonder how many spins Luck has given Illmatic in his Palo Alto dorm…

4:43 Brief glimpse of Alex Morgan in a commercial.

4:49 Just an awful joke by Suzy “Snooz” Kolber. To Ryan Tannehill- “Do you like dramas?”  Tannehill: “Dramas?” Kolber: “Yeah, you could be at the center of it.” Tannehill: “Ha. Yeah.” Have to say though that Tannehill’s sympathy laugh is better than the one my dad has been giving me for the last 18 years.

4:57 Jon Gruden’s hair. What would I have to ask a barber to give me that? “Yeah, I only need like 15 strands of hair and then part it in the middle.”

4:58 More Nas rapping. This is like putting DMX on Radio Disney.

5:03 Colts on the clock. If they take any more time than 47 seconds to make this pick than they should be Old Yeller-d and moved to LA.

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The Debut of the Top 11: All-Time NBA Jerseys

This is the beginning of a beautiful thing. Not beautiful in the classic, Jennifer Anniston sense, but more beautiful in the “Ambiguous sports rankings with considerable bias” sense. My goal for Top 11 is for it to be a reoccurring feature on Seattle Sports & Otherwise, in where I pick a particular category and then rank my personal Top 11 of that category. I chose 11 because I couldn’t pick ten. And it stuck. This particular edition will focus on something very near and dear to my heart, the aesthetics of the NBA. I am a strong proponent of the “Look good, play good” mantra. And I can prove its merit. You will never see the Bobcats win a championship (or ten games this season) when they roll out in these. And yes I do mean players that look like Adam Morrison, who has fully embraced his role of looking like a 1970’s bar owner on the Lakers bench. But no more extraneous introduction is necessary, as the launch of the Top 11 is underway.

11. Early 90’s New Jersey Nets

sellcheapjersey.com folks

This choice is one that may be what some would call, ridiculous. However, the fact is that the early 1990’s New Jersey Nets had a very classic jersey, and also happened to have my all-time favorite player, Drazen Petrovic on that same team. I will admit my obsession with Petrovic is recent, stemming from watching the ESPN 30 for 30 documentary on him and Vlade Divac called “Once Brothers”, but also for the fact that Petrovic had an absolutely absurd season in 1991. He averaged 20.6 points a game, while averaging .508 from the field, .444 from the three point line, and .808 from the free throw line, with a positive assist/turnover ratio. You will never see those stats again from anyone not named Kevin Durant or Lebron James and probably not even them. Petrovic was one of the best pure scorers the league has seen, and I happen to “own” his jersey. The reason for the quotations is the fact that I have not received the shipment of the jersey from the borderline illegal Chinese jersey site I got it from. But as for the actual aesthetics of the jersey, they belong on this list trust me. The red, white, and blue card is played perfectly (which I appreciate), and the sleeve striping is classic and represents the simplicity I miss in most NBA uniforms. Solid jersey, legendary player. RIP Drazen.

10. Mid-to-late 1990’s Toronto Raptors

The Classic Jurassics

The definition of a novelty jersey, but one that captures the swag of the early years of Vince Carter perfectly. Carter only wore these for one season, his ’98-’99 NBA Rookie of the Year campaign, but my god he made them look cool. Granted, this was my favorite team as a young tyke for the reason that there was a dinosaur on the logo and I watched Jurassic Park 8 times a day and walked around like a T-Rex in my underwear.But that doesn’t have anything to do with the niceness of these jerseys. Both the purple and the white versions exude greatness, with the lightning pinstripes and bizarre logo and number placement supplementing the idea that there is a velociraptor dribbling a basketball on the jersey. That is ballsy, and gives a big middle finger to unoriginal jerseys of the previous era. The 90’s were some crazy times folks and these jerseys capture that idea better than any.

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