UW Football Season Recap: Part 1

As I sit here and watch the recording of the UW-Stanford game for quite possibly the 4th time, I think to myself 1) Thank God Josh Nunes was at QB for the Cardinal that game, 2) We probably threw 50% of our passes behind the line of scrimmage this year, and 3) This season may have not been what we really thought it was. What do I mean by that, you might ask? “We beat two top ten teams, one of which won the Rose Bowl!”

This season was a mixed bag, to say the very least. The elation of knocking off top-ten ranked Stanford and Oregon State, to the dejection of getting decimated by Arizona and blowing a 18-point lead in the Apple Cup. This is probably why I have found this article to be such a struggle to write. What route do I take? Was this season a success? Was it a failure? The sour taste that still lingers with the result of the final two games may make me lean towards the latter.

I think we can all agree that the season did not finish the way we had hoped for. What was easily the worst loss for Steve Sarkisian since joining the Huskies in 2009, to a heartbreaking two point thriller down in Vegas, it was a tough pill to swallow at the end. But what went wrong? Why couldn’t the Dawgs reach that benchmark eight win club? Especially against the lowly Cougars!

A lot of the blame can be attributed to the offense. Keith Price of 2011 was nowhere to be found this year. Honestly, I can’t even remember a single half where we saw that form out of #17. He struggled mightily all season, throwing 14 less touchdowns than a year ago and seeing his QB rating plummet from 161.9 to 122.4. He displayed close to zero confidence on the field, and gave the ball up in crucial situations, most of them being plays that left you scratching your head wondering what you had just witnessed. I will concede, the loss of Jermaine Kearse and Devin Aguilar proved to be very significant to the effectiveness of Price this season, but good QBs are able to overcome those obstacles, especially when you have arguably the best tight end in the country and a wide receiver that can play with the best of them in this conference. We expected Keith to be the leader and playmaker that we saw him become a year ago and it never came to fruition. This is unquestionably the most glaring reason as to why they Huskies finished this season with a 7-6 record and recorded some pretty dismal losses on the way.

On a more positive note, surprisingly the running game didn’t really miss a beat. We all assumed it would be near to impossible to fill the hole that Chris Polk left after a magnificent career in the Purple and Gold, but Bishop Sankey filled those shoes quite nicely. Early season-ending injuries to Jesse Callier and Deontae Cooper squashed the “running back-by-committee” approach that the Huskies were planning to unveil. But Bish handled the added workload like a seasoned vet. Amassing 1,439 rushing yards (an amazing 5.0 ypc) to go along with 16 touchdowns behind a makeshift line, it was nothing short of incredible. He carried the offense multiple times this season and unquestionably gets my vote for offensive player of the year.

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2012 Husky Football Season Video

It’s that time of year again. The University of Washington Football Banquet was hosted Sunday evening at Hec Edmundson Pavillion and as they usually do, they showed a season review video. Every year the video staff does a great job with these so here is the 2012 edition for your viewing pleasure.

Just an update from our end. Finals week is here for Brandon and I, along with many of you readers, so we probably won’t have anything up early this week, but look for a possible UW Football recruiting update later on. And we might throw in a Seahawks article in there as well, taking a closer look at their push to the playoffs. But as for now, enjoy the sights and sounds of another unforgettable season for the Dawgs.


SS&O’s Pac-12 Football Preview

Pinch yourself. Yep, this is real life. And football season is finally here…

Some say the Holiday season is the best part of the year. Others can’t wait for Summer to come and then never want to see it end. You may even call March the best month of the year, for obvious reasons (Madness anyone?). But I brush all of those opinions aside. Because you’re wrong, and it’s not even close. The best time of the year, bar none, is FOOTBALL SEASON. The roar of the crowd, cracking of helmets, and maybe even the sizzle of large amounts of meat on a grill. This and much more form to make an experience that is impossible to recreate, no matter how hard you try. So buckle up your chinstrap and get ready, because it’s about time we welcomed back the best thing since…well, nothing actually.

The Pac-12 conference was full of excitement and surprises last season, and I am sure we are in for much more of the same this year. We welcome back USC to postseason contention and Oregon is still full of thugs with a scum of the earth coach. And no, UCLA, we are not giving you credit for winning the South division last year.

The conference has also welcomed many new faces into the head coaching ranks, including the likes of Mike Leach at Washington State, Jim L. Mora at UCLA, Rich Rodriguez at Arizona, and Todd Graham at Arizona State. With their additions we are sure to see changes not only in style of play, but also in the standings. The biggest change could in fact be out on the Palouse, where Mike Leach already has everyone “swinging their swords.” I wonder when somebody will let him know this isn’t the show at Treasure Island in Las Vegas. But I digress, we unfortunately will not have much time to talk about pirates’ role in the Pac-12, but we will get to the new-look Cougars later in this article. (Edit: It’s not looking that great so far)

Let’s just make this easy and dive into the meat of the article right off the bat. Season Predictions. Feel free to disagree all you want about our preseason take on the conference, and I encourage you to let your opinion be known in the comments below, but after long consideration, this is what we came up with.

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Why We Are Fans

I haven’t written anything since LeBron James saved my soul by beating the Oklahoma City Thunder back in mid June. Nothing. I got halfway through an NBA Draft Review before reading Bill Simmons’ take on the same thing, realized mine sucked in comparison, and then scrapped it. Since that moment I have watched the entire first season of Workaholics 2.8 times, a miserable amount of Curb Your Enthusiasm, and put a fruit snack into a rotating fan and laughed like a four year old at it when it got smacked around the cage of the fan. The summer of snapchat has been fun to me, but I stopped writing when I shouldn’t have. For that reason, this article is about the roots of why if you’re reading this, you love sports, and if you love sports, why you love sports, because I love sports. We like sportz.

This is the kind of tomfoolery that kept me out of the game

If you missed me, I apologize. I let the 14 regular followers of this blog down. You probably didn’t though as I tend to inflate my own importance. But my obligation to write is not to the faithful 14, it is to myself.

My first sports memory is going to the Kingdome with my parents and my godparents for a Mariners game. I was afraid of the Mariner Moose (I just don’t trust the guy), and so my godfather took me up to the very last row of the stadium so the Moose wouldn’t come up there, and from that moment on I could watch the game in peace. You wouldn’t believe how easy it is to like baseball when you aren’t living in constant fear of a seven foot tall woodland monster with crazy eyes. Baseball became from that point on not my favorite sport by any stretch, but a crutch. There’s nothing on TV at 8:30PM in mid-July, you know what, I’ll watch the M’s lose 4-1. I’ve never expected anything from my baseball team, I don’t really enjoy watching other teams play. I don’t get stoked for Sunday Night Baseball. But I always have the Mariners in my back pocket. They are terrible now, but I can make fun of them whenever I want while they are terrible, I can make Justin Smoak jokes (Smoaks), but when they get good in the 22nd century I will be one happy guy.

You are looking into the eyes of a menace

That’s what being a fan is. I’ve paid my dues. I have seen so much bad baseball, through my mullet phase, my lesbian Tim Lincecum phase, through my semi normal cut I have now that I am endowed with the ability to ride the Mariners train whenever I please. I feel bad for a fan base that has never experienced a dreadful era of baseball, or of any sport. Having a laughable sports team is something that I have based my entire life on. My dad taught me Take Me Out to the Ballgame with the addendum, “So root, root, root for the Mariners / If they don’t win it’s the same!” That is the only thing I know. The extension of this argument goes over to a section of sports that I care about more than anything.

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My Two Cents on Tony Wroten’s Decision

I preface everything I am about to say about Tony Wroten’s decision to enter the NBA draft in June with the idea that I have no idea what his personal situation is financially, and I absolutely cannot enter the mind of a 19 year old basketball player. That being said, Tony Wroten made what is unmistakably a terrible choice yesterday.

Wroten after missing four free throws in the final 18 seconds in the opening game of the Pac-12 tournament against Oregon State.

The above picture is Tony Wroten’s legacy at UW, whether he likes it or not. A season that was filled with plenty of highs, the mercurial freshman point guard’s biggest flaw in his game proved to be fatal for the Huskies. The Huskies lost 86-84 in the opening round of the Pac-12 tournament, a game that Wroten for all intents and purposes dominated. He scored 29 points on 10-19 shooting, had seven rebounds, three assists, two blocks and a steal. But unfortunately the game was in his hands at crunch time and he lost the game at the foul line. He shot 9-15 at the stripe on the day but going 0-4 when it counted. He then followed that up by shooting a combined 14-41 in the NIT. Not that it matters because the NIT is about as competitive as WSU’s admissions process. Boom. From a standpoint of his legacy at UW, Tony Wroten ended it about as poorly as you possibly could. People asked me what my thoughts were on whether Terrence Ross and Tony Wroten would leave for the NBA. I consistently said that I thought Ross was gone, but Wroten had no choice but to stay after how his season ended. Not only from a team standpoint but from his own skill set being utterly exposed. He can’t shoot. And this is coming from a guy that would probably have trouble putting Dick Cheney away in a three point contest. But aside from basketball, my perception of Wroten staying in school at least another year comes from another source.

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UW Football Recruiting Update – 1/18

With Signing Day on Februrary 1st, here at SS&O we will try to keep you all updated on the happenings on the UW recruiting trail. Here is the first post of several before we get to the big day.

  • Headlining the recruiting news today for UW would be the supposed verbal commitment from cornerback Brandon Beaver (Dominguez HS, CA). Rated as a three star recruit by Scout, Beaver has been near the top of Washington’s board when it comes to defensive backs. Steve Sarkisian and Johnny Nansen had an in-home visit with him Tuesday night, where it is said he chose to roll with the Purple and Gold. Over his recruiting process he and high school teammate Alphonso Marsh have said they are a “package deal” so we will wait and see how that plays out.
  • There are rumblings that with the new addition of Tosh Lupoi, Cal commit and four star athlete Cedric Dozier (Lakes HS, WA) could be opening up his recruitment to consider the Dawgs. He said he is “looking at probably visiting Washington, Washington State and possibly Vanderbilt” with the rest of his official visits that he has yet to use.
  • Four star wide receiver Jordan Payton (Oaks Christian HS, CA) will take an official visit to Washington this weekend, even though he is currently committed to California. Once again, the addition of Tosh Lupoi to the UW coaching staff has made an impact in the recruiting game. We will keep you posted on what comes out of that visit.
  • As I noted in the post earlier, the number three rated recruit in the country and number one rated safety, Shaquille Thompson (Grant Union HS, CA), is now torn between Cal and UW. This is by far the biggest recruit that the Huskies have their eyes on. Once again it will come down to the wire, but an in-home visit by Tosh Lupoi next week will be crucial in this race to lock up one of the nation’s top high school football players. Unlike De’Anthony Thomas a year ago, where we saw news outlets tease Husky fans with the idea of the Dawgs still being contenders, in this case UW has a legitimate shot and fans should be excited for the opportunity to land an absolute stud.

That’s all the recruiting news for now. As soon as more news breaks we will let you know.

2011-12 UW Men’s Basketball Season Preview

Your 2011-12 UW Husky Hoops Team

It’s an exciting time to be a Husky fan. The football team has an absolutely enormous game with Oregon on Saturday that may prove whether or not this team is legitimately a contender or simply a good football team. But as football season starts to enter its mid-season climax, basketball season kicks off. Husky basketball tips off for the first time this season on Friday November 4th at 7PM against SPU, who just beat Arizona, in an exhibition game. So let’s preview UW Basketball as only Seattle S&O can.

Last season was one of ups and considerable downs for the Hardwood Dawgs. They ended the year with a 23-10 record after losing to North Carolina in a heartbreaker in the third round of the NCAA tournament. The Dawgs got to the Big Dance after winning their second straight Pac-10 Tournament, and of course, this.

The season overall was somewhat of a disappointment for the Dawgs though, as the team at times played like title contenders such as at home against Arizona and for stretches against North Carolina in the tournament. But the team succumbed to too many mistakes late in games such as against Kentucky and Michigan State in the Maui Invitational and again against UNC in March. Back to back losses at Oregon and Oregon State were devastating in the middle of the season and prevented UW from achieving a higher seed in the NCAA tournament to avoid playing a team like UNC in the third round. But all that is last year’s news. This year’s team loses the two top scorers from last year in Isaiah Thomas and Matthew Bryan-Amaning, as well as Thomas’ 6.0 assists a game and MBA’s 8.1 rebounds a game.  Continue reading